Promote the ideals of USLacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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First Team
Name                                             School                                   Grade
        Molly Beck                                    Old Saybrook                           10
        Allison Carey                                Laurelton Hall                          12
        Leah DiGrigorio                           Haddam-Killingworth             12
        Emmy Dulak                                North Branford                         12
        Anna Fiorini                                  Bethel                                        12
        Laura Frechette                           Suffield                                      12
        Kaitlin Gillespie                            Haddam-Killingworth             12
        Cathy Higgins                              Northwest Catholic                  12
        Kaelin Hogan                               Bethel                                        11
        Frances Holmes                          Weston                                      12
        Olivia Johnson                             Granby                                       10
        Emily Kearney                             Northwest Catholic                  12
        Lindsay Koch                               Weston                                      11
        Libby Morrison                             Stonington                                11
        Morgan Moubayed                      Weston                                      12
        Riley Musial                                  Morgan                                      10
        Mia Olsen                                      Granby                                       12
        Alexa Picciuto                              North Branford                         12
        McKenzie Potter                          Waterford                                  11
        Maria Theiler                                St. Bernard                                10
Second Team
Name                                             School                                   Grade
        Candace Ballantoni                    North Branford                         12
        Meredith Britton                           Old Lyme                                  11
        Allie Buckley                                 Old Lyme                                  11
        Katie Burke                                   East Catholic                            11
        Lauren Cenci                               Northwest Catholic                  10
        Angie Cretella                              Haddam-Killingworth             11
        Eloise Gagnon                             Bethel                                        10
        Grace Mattison                             Weston                                      12
        Tara Melaccio                              North Branford                         12
        Jillian Mitchell                              Immaculate                              11
        Jessica Muller                              Wheeler                                     11
        Hudson Roarick                           Old Saybrook                           10
        Gabby Rose                                  Old Saybrook                           10
        Tashua Sotil                                 Suffield                                      11
        Kristen Steidler                            Somers                                      11
        Sloan Sweitzer                             Old Lyme                                  9